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Schizophrenia treatment 50 percent of patients can lead a normal life

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Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists has made a guideline for the treatment of schizophrenia for the first time in Bangladesh. Many people in Bangladesh know this disease as Psychosis susceptibility syndrome.

Doctors claim that 50 percent of patients can lead a normal life if treated properly according to these guidelines.

It is the most complex of mental illnesses and its treatment is also complex. This disease affects both men and women equally. Give this sentence a fresh twist with a touch of originality, making it entirely unique!

Schizophrenia treatment 50 percent of patients can lead a normal life

One in every hundred people in Bangladesh is affected by this disease. Many people do not realize they are suffering from Psychosis susceptibility syndrome at first

Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists says that there are misconceptions among people about the disease.

They say that they have developed this guideline after taking into account all aspects, including the inconsistencies that doctors had in treating the disease, which have some guidelines – such as:

1. Those who will treat this disease should follow the international standards that have been fixed and maintain its continuity.

2. The role of the non-specialists who are doctors needs to be decided.

3. Social support should be arranged.

4. The state should take the initiative to increase the responsibility to inform about this disease and increase the role of treatment.

Unawareness of schizophrenia

Doctors say that people are more affected by this disease in their early 20s. After 45 it decreases. Not after 50 years. After 55 years, the risk of getting this disease again is very low.

Aparajita (her pseudonym is being used here) lives in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. His daughter is over 25.

Aparajita gets worried whenever she realizes that her daughter is not behaving like other girls of her age or notices some difference in her behavior.

At first he did not understand, so he treated the girl in various ways.

As a result, her daughter’s condition worsened. He later found out that his daughter was suffering from Psychosis susceptibility syndrome.

Aparajita mentioned, “I’m now looking after the little one.I notice that she gets excited when her mood changes. And I give her medicine as per the doctor’s prescription.”

Aparajita shared, “He expressed sorrow, mentioning, ‘My daughter’s illness was identified quite belatedly. As a result, she spent her childhood away from her mother. To her aunts. Many people used to say different things. So she did not get proper treatment for a long time.”

What is Schizophrenia?

In most cases, the symptoms of Psychosis susceptibility syndrome are delusions and hallucinations i.e. delusions, unrealistic thoughts, irrational suspicions, confusion, paranoia etc.

Not all patients with Psychosis susceptibility syndrome have the same symptoms. Symptoms depend on the patient.

In some patients, symptoms of the disease may develop slowly over months or years or appear suddenly.

Dr. a member of the working committee to make this guideline. Md. Farooq Hossain said, some symptoms of this disease are:

1 Patient hears or sees things that are not there

2 Strange or absurd manner or behavior in speaking or writing

3 Feeling apathetic in important situations

4. Neglect of self-care

5. Not having attention to any work

6. Decreased emotions, feelings.

Causes of Schizophrenia:

The reason behind this illness remains a mystery. However, the factors that are attributed to this disease are genetics or if the disease is hereditary it can be seen in the next generation. If a mother or father has this disease, there is a possibility that the child will also have this disease.

Doctors say genetic influence is 80 percent. If both parents have this disease, the chances of having a child increases 40 times. If one of the twins has one, the risk of the other is 50 times higher.

Besides, if there is any problem while the child is in the mother’s womb or if there is any damage during birth or if there is a lack of oxygen, this disease can occur. Childhood trauma, sensitive personality can lead to schizophrenia if something terrible happened to him.

Schizophrenia treatment normal life

Treatment Key:

Dr. Md. Farooq Hossain said that the disease is mainly controlled with medicine.

“Antipsychotic medicine first, then psychotherapy. Eighty percent of patients are better some days and worse some days. That is, they don’t get better. The other 15 to 20 percent get better.”

He says these patients have a high mortality rate because they are prone to suicide: “Five to 10 percent commit suicide.”

Bangladesh Association of Psychiatrists says administrative and logistical support will be needed to implement these guidelines. The ministry will need help with that. Doctors say, compared to any developed country, it has been made an international standard guideline.

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